Media Room


Governor Kate Brown
Kaylee’s Law (SB 576) Ceremonial Bill Signing 
Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thank you all for being here today, and thank you to District Attorney Hummel for hosting us.

I am so honored to be here with all of you today to sign Kaylee’s Law. While this legislation focuses on specific scenarios, at its heart, its focus is making our campuses safer for our students.

Parents send their children off to college with high hopes for good grades, great friends, and broadened horizons. But they never expect to lose a child. 

Kaylee Sawyer’s death was a tragedy, and we want to make sure that this never happens to a promising Oregonian again.

Oregon has a citizen legislature, and this bill is an example of when Oregon is at its best — when communities bring solutions forward.

I want to close with a thank you to Kaylee Sawyer’s family. They worked tirelessly to bring meaningful change to their community after a horrible tragedy befell their family. Always hoping, throughout that hard work, that no family would ever have to go through the same ordeal again. That takes enormous strength and perseverance.

That’s not surprising to anyone who knew their daughter. We have heard so much about Kaylee today. About what a great friend she was. About how much she cared about others. About how she could light up a room with her smile and her positivity. 

So I want to close today in Kaylee’s spirit and focus on the positives this legislation brings — more transparency, better safety, and a way to forever remember Kaylee Sawyer.

So let’s sign it, shall we?