Media Room


Governor Kate Brown
Oregon State Employee Recognition Day
Thursday, May 9, 2019

I am pleased to have so many of you here today to join me in celebrating Public Service Recognition Week and State Employee Recognition Day.

This is the thirty-fifth year of Public Service Recognition Week. It’s a time we set aside to honor public servants and connect citizens with their government. In Oregon, we strive to do this every day.

Because every day, state employees are providing the services our fellow Oregonians rely on to be healthy, happy, and productive. I am grateful for all that you do to make Oregon a better place to live, work, and play.

I am very proud of our diversity. State employees come from many backgrounds – both personal and professional – bringing different skills and perspectives to enhance our collective work.

And today we have a diverse group of state employees with us in the room. Some who are new to state service, like McKenna Herber with the Department of Revenue, and Elizabeth Hagen with the State Police.

And some of our longest-serving employees, who have been with the state for thirty years or more, including Deborah Eddy with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Tom Erhardt with the Employment Department.

I also wanted to take a moment to recognize Bob Larson, who was a state employee for thirty-four years. He was nominated by his agency as a standout employee to represent them at today’s event. Unfortunately, Bob passed away last week. His wife Staci and his two children, Sarah and Daniel, are here with us today, and our thoughts are with them and with his coworkers at Oregon Housing and Community Services.

Bob was the epitome of commitment to service. And while our workforce is made up of a diverse group of people, that commitment to service is one thing we have in common.

You, as state employees, are an invaluable resource, helping countless Oregonians thrive on a daily basis in every corner of this state.

Every day, you come to work knowing you can make a difference.

I know the work is not always easy. But, you have chosen a profession with a purpose.

So today, I speak for many other Oregonians when I say I can’t thank you enough for your dedicated service.

You and the work you do make me proud to serve as your Governor. Thank you.