Media Room


Governor Kate Brown
Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette Luncheon
January 25, 2019

Hello, I’m Governor Kate Brown.

Thank you to:

● Planned Parenthood

● Elected officials in attendance:
   ○ Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici
   ○ Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum
   ○ Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
   ○ Representative Barbara Smith Warner
   ○ Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel
   ○ Multnomah County Commissioners Jessica Vega Pederson and Sharon Meieran

I see many other former elected leaders here today, too! Thank you for your service and your support for Planned Parenthood!

Forty-seven years ago this week, Roe v. Wade was decided in the Supreme Court.

Two years ago, Oregon passed another landmark reproductive health access law, but that was challenged on the ballot this past election. Our voters showed the country that they are a pro-choice majority when they voted down the effort to repeal that critical law.

Which means today, legal abortion is safe in Oregon. Let’s hear it for defeating Measure 106!

But our work is not done. We can’t stop fighting. Health care is a fundamental right.

Because of the work we’ve done to expand the Oregon Health Plan, today 94 percent of adults have access.

And because of the work we did to pass Cover All Kids, every single one of our children has access.

Families across Oregon need to know that they’ll be able to see a doctor when they’re sick.

They need to know their children are safe, and that they can afford child care.

And they shouldn’t have to make a choice between paying the rent and staying home with their newborn.

Let’s work to take all of those worries off the table, and give Oregon families stability and certainty.

Last year, I created a Children’s Cabinet to look across housing, health, human services, early learning, and education to create better pathways to prosperity for our children and families. They had a lot of great ideas.

And now it’s time to put our money where our mouth is. My budget sets forth:
   ○ A consensus approach as to how we stabilize funding for the Oregon Health Plan. 
   ○ It allocates $400 million towards housing. 
   ○ And it adds $2 billion to fix our underfunded education system.

I started my career as an advocate for children and families and I intend to end it as one.

Because they are counting on us. Are you with me?