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​2020 Census: Make Oregon Count!


Governor Kate Brown Statement

Our democracy's strength relies on representation, and the 2020 Census is integral to making sure that Oregonians receive their fair share of federal resources and congressional representation over the next decade. From more dollars for our schools and hospitals to ensuring our roads are safe and well kept, the census has a significant impact in the everyday lives of all Oregoniansand I'm committed to working with all partners across Oregon to ensure an accurate and complete count.

What is the census?

Article I, Section II of the U.S. Constitution mandates a head count of every person residing in the United States to be done every 10 years. This includes people of all abilities, sexual orientation, ages, races, ethnic groups, gender identities, citizens and non-citizens. The data collected during the census is used for congressional reapportionment and to determine the distribution of federal dollars to fund programs such as Medicaid, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), Head Start, Section 8 Housing Vouchers and Highway Planning and Construction, just to name a few. Additionally, accurate census data is critical for the crafting of equitable and informed public policy and effective community planning across sectors.

In Oregon, we are coming together to ensure a complete and accurate 2020 Census count because:

1. We need to make sure that Oregon continues to receive the funding it deserves for the programs that help sustain our communities. A study by the George Washington Institute of Public Policy estimates that in 2016 alone, Oregon received more than $13.4 billion in federal assistance based on data collected during the 2010 Census.

 2. Experts at the Brennan Center for Justice predict that Oregon is on track to gain a 6th Congressional seatif it achieves a complete 2020 Census count. This is important because with additional congressional representation for our state, we will be able to amplify Oregon’s voice in Washington D.C.  ​



Governor Brown's Census Team

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