Policy Offices

Health begins where we live, learn, work and play. The Governor’s health care team is focused on identifying and implementing programs that reduce costs while resulting in better health for Oregonians, including for low-income and vulnerable people through the Oregon Health Plan. Oregon’s health care transformation efforts aim to shift the focus from after-the-fact acute care to prevention, wellness and the community-based management of chronic conditions. This includes improving coordination and integration of care, resulting in higher quality and outcomes. It also includes more intensely focusing on prevention and social determinants of health to address the root cause of illness. 

Health care is one of the largest portions of the state’s budget, both in its capacity as a large employer and also in its responsibility to provide health care for low income and vulnerable citizens through the Oregon Health Plan. The state directly purchases health care for nearly 1.4 million Oregonians. 

Most of what impacts health and leads to health inequities are determined outside the doctor’s office.