Policy Offices

Governor's Natural Resources Office (GNRO) ​

The Governor's Natural Resources Office (GNRO) provides policy analysis and advice to the Governor's Office. We work with more than a dozen state natural resource agencies to implement the Governor's natural resource and environmental agenda, and to assist state departments in managing issues and advancing their budget requests and legislative proposals to the Legislature. 

GNRO carries out Governor Kate Brown's natural resource and environmental agenda in several ways: 

  • We provide the Governor with policy analysis and advice.
  • We work with more than a dozen state natural-resource agencies to realize the Governor's goals and provide leadership on issues often involving multiple agencies, where coordination of policies, interests, and authorities is essential.
  • We assist state natural-resource agencies in their issue and budget dealings with the Legislature.
  • We serve as a liaison between the Governor and tribes, regional state administrations, local governments, federal agencies, and Oregon's congressional delegation on matters affecting natural resources and the environment.
  • ​We act as a front-line point of contact for Oregon's citizens, businesses, organizations, and local communities who want to express concerns or opinions about natural resource management and environmental issues.