Policy Offices

Oregon’s transportation system is the backbone of our economy.  It moves $300 billion of commodities through our state, along with countless workers, students, and leisure travelers on our roads, rails, and in the air. We all rely on this network to be safe and efficient given its important role supporting jobs and local economies.

Today, however, Oregon's transportation system is stressed.  Our infrastructure is aging, our growing population has created mind-numbing congestion in many communities, and we no longer raise the revenue necessary to maintain this system let alone enhance capacity.

To address these statewide needs, Governor Brown convened a Panel of legislators, business and civic leaders, and stakeholders to identify transportation needs across all regions of Oregon and to propose long-term policy solutions. 

Since the Panel released their findings, the Legislature formed a Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization to consider needed transportation investments. They spent months touring the state and hearing from residents about their transportation needs and issues at the community level. These combined efforts have formed the foundation for transportation conversations today.

During the 2017 Legislative session, Governor Brown will work with legislators on both sides of the aisle to craft a transportation package that will ensure Oregon’s ability to invest significantly in long-overdue upgrades, expansions, and maintenance of roads, bridges, and public transit statewide.