Policy Offices

Governor Brown is committed to ensuring that every Oregonian lives in a healthy, vibrant community and can find a good job that will support their family. That means Oregonians need to have the right training opportunities available to be ready to work.
For some individuals that training will come in high school or college and will lead to a lifelong career. But for many people training will be a series of courses and on the job opportunities over a lifetime. Education and training programs in Oregon should ensure that students have a strong foundation of skills that they can build upon as they advance their career.
The Workforce and Labor Policy Advisor works with colleagues in education, jobs and the economy, and human services to address three important areas: helping Oregonians get the training they need to get a good job; ensuring the State employs the best qualified people to efficiently, effectively, and compassionately deliver services across Oregon; and working with unions and other representatives of the workforce to ensure that the Governor has a direct line to the needs of working people across the state.