Oregon Ocean Information

The Oregon coast and Pacific Ocean are of fundamental importance to Oregonians. Coastal communities rely on commercial and recreational fisheries, transportation, tourism and other uses that depend on our natural resources for their livelihoods and way of life. The ocean shore and nearshore ocean waters are an important ecological zone for many species of plants and animals that are specifically adapted to this unique environment. The State of Oregon is committed to the long-term integrity of marine ecosystems, and the sustainable use of ocean resources. 
Oregonians are involved in a variety of ocean planning and management activities that may affect the future of our economy and ocean ecosystems. This link to Oregon Ocean Information will take you to a comprehensive calendar of upcoming ocean-related events, information about the status of energy planning in the waters off of Oregon, and a list of popular articles and information about Oregon's ocean.  

West Coast Governors Alliance (WCGA)

The West Coast Governors Alliance on Ocean Health (WCGA) was created in 2006, and is a unique regional partnership established to protect and manage coastal and ocean resources and the economies they support along the entire West Coast. Upon completing an action plan in 2008, 10 Action Coordination Teams comprised of volunteers with expertise in priority areas, were created to develop and implement work plans to achieve high priority regional goals. The recently adopted National Ocean Policy identifies the WCGA as the regional ocean governance partnership for the West Coast, and one of nine such entities recognized throughout the United States. 
The WCGA seeks to achieve the following seven goals: 
  1. Ensuring clean coastal waters and beaches; 
  2. Protecting and restoring ocean and coastal habitats; 
  3. Promoting the effective implementation of ecosystem-based management; 
  4. Reducing adverse impacts of offshore development; 
  5. Increasing ocean awareness and literacy among residents; 
  6. Expanding ocean and coastal scientific information, research, and monitoring; 
  7. Fostering sustainable economic development in our communities.