Environmental Justice Task Force

Offer your voice in decisions made by state agencies.

The Environmental Justice Task Force (EJTF) encourages you to take action when you feel impacted by one or more issues listed below. 

Your voice for Environmental Justice 

  • You have a voice in decisions that affect potable drinking water and clean air.
  • You have a voice in decisions that may put toxic pollutants in your living and working areas.
  • You have a voice in decisions about toxics in schools that affect your kids.
  • You have a voice in decisions that affect your community's health, such as land use decisions that could increase pollution in your neighborhood.
  • You have a voice in asking for caution in environmental decisions that affect your community, even if absolute proof of the problem is not yet confirmed.
  • You have a voice in clean and healthy access to your native cultural places and usual and accustomed fishing sites.
  • You have a voice in decisions that will increase climate change and impact your community, such as increased flooding, drought and fires, and impacts to species, habitats or local foods.
  • You have a voice in all decisions about toxics in food, water, air, soil and homes.
  • You have a voice in any issue of concern regarding environmental issues that affect your home, work, or place of worship.

Oregonians have a voice in environmental policy decisions

Senate Bill 420​ created the Environmental Justice Task Force in 2007. Senate Bill 420 (see ORS 182.535-550) calls for environmental justice in Oregon by ensuring that all persons affected by decisions of natural resource agencies have a voice in those decisions. The bill set up the Environmental Justice Task Force (EJTF) to advise the Governor and natural resource agencies on environmental justice issues. 
Senate Bill 420 identified 14 state agencies as participants in the EJTF Agriculture, Education,  Environmental Quality, Fish & Wildlife, Forestry, Geology & Mineral Industries, Land Conservation & Development, Marine Board, Oregon Health Authority, Public Utility Commission, State Lands, Transportation, Water Resources and the State Fire Marshal's Office.  The agencies report annually to the EJTF on steps they are taking to ensure their actions address the interests of all Oregonians. Read the agencies' past reports to EJTF.  
EJTF consists of 12 members and is staffed by Governor Kate Brown's office. The Task Force reports annually to the Governor, detailing the progress of natural resource agencies toward achieving the environmental justice goals outlined in Senate Bill 420. Read past EJTF reports to the Governor.  The Environmental Justice Task Force meets quarterly.    ​

​How to ​be heard

Contact a Citizen Advocate or reach out to the Governor's Natural Resources Office if you have an opinion you would like to share on important environmental justice issues.