Environmental Justice Task Force

 Current appointees 
There is established the Environmental Justice Task Force consisting of 12 members appointed by the Governor. The members shall be persons who are well-informed on the principles of environmental justice and who, to the greatest extent practicable, represent minority communities, low-income communities, environmental interests, industry groups and geographically diverse areas of the state. Of the 12 members, the Governor shall appoint one member of the task force from each of the commissions on Asian Affairs, Black Affairs, Hispanic Affairs and Indian Services.

    • Joel Iboa - Chair (Eugene), Causa Oregon
    • ​Ben E. Duncan - Vice Chair, Multnomah County Environmental Health​
    • Jennifer Coleman (Portland) , ​​Oregon Environmental Council
    • Robert William Collin (Salem), Willamette University Center for Sustainable Communities
    • ​Scott Dahlman, Oregonians for Food and Shelter
    • Valentin Sanchez (Hillsboro), Oregon Law Center
    • VACANT Resident of Union County​​
    • VACANT Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs
    • VACANT Commission on Indian Services

    Please note: Task Force members' affiliation is listed for identification purposes only, except for the four commission representatives.

    State Agency Citizen Advocates

    Senate Bill 420 directed natural resource agencies to appoint a state agency staff person to serve as a citizen advocate to encourage public participation, ensure the agency considers environmental justice issues, inform the agency of the effects of its decisions on traditionally underrepresented communities, and improve plans to further the progress of environmental justice in Oregon. 
    • Agriculture:  Christina Higby
    • Education:  Superintendent Darryl Tukufu
    • Environmental Quality:  Nina Deconcini and Stephanie Caldera
    • Fire Marshal:  Michael Heffner
    • Fish and Wildlife:  Curt Melcher 
    • Forestry:  Andy White and Ryan Gordon
    • Geology and Mineral Industries:  Ben Mundie
    • Health Authority:  Julie Sifuentes
    • Land Conservation and Development:  Sadie Carney 
    • Marine Board:  Glenn Dolphin
    • Public Utility Commission:  Kandi Young
    • State Lands:  Chris Castelli 
    • Transportation:  Carroll Cottingham and Rebecca Williams
    • Water Resources:  Alyssa Mucken