Task Forces and Sub-Groups

In October 2013, the Oregon Legislature enacted SB 633, which requires that regulation of agricultural products occur at the state level, rather than at the local level (the new law does not apply to the pending ballot measure in Jackson County).  Recognizing the concerns over genetically-engineered agricultural products, Governor Kitzhaber agreed to convene a Task Force to examine issues around conflicts between growers of GE and non-GE products, as well as around issues of consumer information and choice (including labeling).

The Governor’s Task Force will:   
  • ​​Identify the main conflicts between growers of GE crops and other agricultural producers here in Oregon   ​ 
  • Identify areas of agreement and disagreement related to GE and non-GE food products, including and especially related to information for consumers; and   ​ 
  • Identify and describe what others have done, or have proposed doing, to address these areas of conflict

The Task Force has been asked to prepare a draft report to the Governor this fall, with a final report by the end of the year.  Following receipt of the report, the Governor will work with legislators and other interests to determine whether additional steps should be taken to address the issues identified by the Task Force.​

  • Task Force Operating Principles
  • Task Force Topics
  • Task Force Meetings Information - meetings are open to the public
Media Releases​
If you wish to provide public comment to the task force or to be added to the interested parties list, please send an email to: G.E.Agriculture@state.or.us
Jennifer Allen 
Director, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University

Dan Arp
Dean, College of Agricultureal Sciences, Oregon State University

  • Barry Bushue, Oregon Farm Bureau 
  • Katy Coba, Oregon Department of Agriculture (ex- officio)
  • Connie Kirby, Northwest Food Processors Association 
  • Greg Loberg, Oregon Seed Association 
  • Ivan Maluski, Friends of Family Farmers
  • Frank Morton, Shoulder to Shoulder Farm
  • Jim Myers, Oregon State University
  • Marty Myers, Threemile Canyon Farms
  • Paulette Pyle, Oregonians for Food and Shelter 
  • Chris Schreiner, Oregon Tilth
  • Lisa Sedlar, Green Zebra Grocery
  • Steve Strauss, Oregon State University
  • Sam Tannahill, A to Z Wineworks