Education Policy Agenda

Every Oregon Student Engaged, Empowered, and Future Ready

A seamless system of education from cradle to career, where every student graduates high school with a plan for their future.

Recent Accomplishments
  • On-time graduation rates have improved 5 percent under Governor Brown’s leadership.  
  • While more is needed, investment in Oregon’s public schools increased 22 percent since the Governor took office in 2015.  In addition, Governor Brown secured $100 million in investments in early learning.
  • Since 2015, the state has significantly increased investment in career-technical education (CTE) while leveraging business and industry partnerships to expand training in schools tied to jobs in their community.  
  • In 2017, the Governor secured $7.4 million to combat chronic absenteeism statewide, including $1 million to pilot trauma-informed practices.
  • In 2017, the Governor championed an innovative statewide initiative to connect all Oregon teachers with professional learning and mentoring opportunities.
  • Under Governor Brown’s leadership, Oregon became only the second state in the nation to help recent high school graduates shoulder the cost of a two-year community college degree.  The Oregon Promise is now helping an additional 15,000 recent high school graduates attend community college. 

Governor Brown’s Strategy Going Forward

High-quality preschool for low-income children

  • Expand high-quality preschool in the next biennium to an additional 10,000 low-income children, and 40,000 children in this group by 2025                                          
Improved class sizes in grades K-3
  • ​Reduce averages to 20 students in kindergarten, 23 in grades one to three           
Require a 180-day school year
  • Ensure Oregon children receive sufficient instructional time                                           
Ensure safe and effective schools
  • Investments to not only improve the ability for students to have basic needs met, but allow them to thrive at school                                
Invest in Career and Technical Education and post-secondary pathways
  • Guarantee that every Oregon student is provided with a jumpstart toward a college degree or hands-on, career-connected learning tied to a job in their community        
Support world-class teachers and school leaders who reflect the communities they serve
  • Make Oregon home to the best teachers in the nation                                            
Every Oregon school district is accountable to investing resources that are tied to equitable student outcomes
  • Ensure strategic decision-making at the school district level that is student- centered, equity-focused and ensures processes and practices are in place to drive learning and outcomes