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​​​​Background: College Opportunity Grant Tax Credit Auction, 2020 tax year

NOTE: As of January 19, 2021 all tax credit certificates for the 2020 auction year have been mailed. If you  are​ expecting a tax credit certificate and do not receive it January 31, please contact Kyle Thomas at ​

The annual College Opportunity Grant Tax Credit auction for the 2020 tax year will take place on December 7-11 2020.  ​

In 2018, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 1528 creating a tax credit auction for contributions to the state-administered Oregon Opportunity Grant fund, modeled after the Oregon Film and Video Office auction. The contributions will support need-based financial aid awarded to Oregon college and university students to support college affordability and success. 

Individuals and businesses with an Oregon income tax liability may bid on certificates and claim the credits on 2020 tax returns.  Oregon residents may receive a state tax credit that can be used for up to three years on their personal income taxes.  

The College Opportunity Grant Tax Credit program is authorized to issue up to $14 million worth of tax credits per year.  The Auction is administered by the Oregon Department of Revenue. 

What is the Oregon Opportunity Grant (OOG)?

The Oregon Opportunity Grant​ (OOG) is the state’s longstanding need-based grant program for postsecondary education. The OOG is critical to supporting college affordability for approximately 30,000-40,000 students a year, but state funding for the OOG has for years been insufficient to support the college costs of all eligible students. The contributions from the auction will be used to increase the number of grants to eligible low and middle-income students, increase the value of the per-student award, or a combination of both options.​

2020 Tax Year, December 2020 Auction Details  

Instructions will be available on the Department of Revenue Tax credit auction website here on how to bid online for the College Opportunity Grant Tax Credit auction to be held on December 7-11, 2020.

No bids will be accepted before or after the designated times.

Bidders must submit payment along with the Tax Credit Auct​ion Form (Form OR-TCA) by Friday of the week following the close of the auction. Further directions are on the DOR website. ​The credit certificates will be in $500 increments and the minimum bid will be $450.

Bidders should consult their tax advisor if they have questions about the tax treatment of purchased state tax credits.

How to Place a Bid:

Instructions will be available on the Department of Revenue  (DOR) website prior to the auction: 

Get Email Updates:

Individuals may receive updates by joining the 
College O​pportunity Grant Tax Auction email list here.


Contact the Department of Revenue about the Auction process:

Contact the HECC about the use of the funds to support the Oregon Opportunity Grant: