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Oregon GED Program

Testing Centers

Information about becoming a testing center can be found at​​.​
The Pearson VUE system collects the money from the student.  The testing center does not pay.​
  1. Non-Expired government issued ID.  The ID must include a picture, date of birth, an address and a signature.  Examples of government issued IDs are: passport, non-United States official ID with photo or United States issued identification. The student must bring a second form of ID that includes any information missing on the first piece of ID.  Exceptions to this policy apply to McKinney-Vento Act/Title X Program participants.
  2. McKinney-Vento Act/Title X Program Information
    1. Homeless youth who qualify under McKinney-Vento must presents two documents.
      • ​Student School ID Card
      • Letter from the school on their letterhead containing: a clear photo of the student, student date of birth, student signature ​
​Contact the Oregon GED® Program at 503-947-5608.​
A test-taker without government issued ID may not take the test and should be considered a “no show”, so the first attempt is used by that situation. When the test-taker schedules another test, the charge will be the discounted price for retesting, which is $10. They will only have two chances instead of the original three chances at that point.​
No. Oregon does not have residential restrictions.​​
Yes, if that state allows non-residents to test at their location.  The GED® Certificate earned will be from that state and not Oregon.​
The test taker is NOT ALLOWED to take unscheduled breaks. If a test-taker does take an unscheduled break during the test, create an incident report choosing the topic "Candidate Error or Misconduct." Put the exam in unscheduled break mode, allow the time to expire, and then end the exam. DO NOT allow the test-taker to re-enter the testing room after the break. You must turn the test-taker away. If they have any questions, refer the test-taker to GED® Testing Service®. Note: If the test-taker has a health condition that necessitates breaks, they need to reschedule and request an accommodation.​
See ​the section under "Option Program and Underage Students" in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Students.​
You will need to have access to GED® Manager in order to move the student forward. When making any changes in the student’s profile, please include notes on date and time. Look to your supervisor for complete instructions. ​
If a test-taker does not return from his or her 10-minute break within 30 minutes, test administrators must not stop the test. Instead, leave the test in scheduled break mode, and allow the time to run out. You must then advance to the next module in the test by answering the Non-disclosure Agreement, (NDA), allow the time to run out, and then end the test. Make sure to create an incident report.​

Preparation Centers

Fill out a document with the following information:
  1. Name of Individual
  2. DOB
  3. Last 4 of social security number
  4. DOC (BPA) number
  5. Statement of release and signature of inmate giving us  permission to share this information with you. 
Send the finished document to: Oregon.GED@HECC.Oregon.Gov
A DOC facility can register students and their electronic transcript and certificate will come by e-mail to the DOC facility.  A hard copy of the GED®® certificate is ordered through GED® Manager™ at no cost or DOC can have the student order their hard copy when they are released. Either way, the first copy is free.
Yes, after th​e first free copy.
Corrections Administrators will register their students through GED® Manager™ by using the drop down menu and choosing “ADD a Corrections Student.”​
The GED® Ready® Practice Test in correctional facilities is offered via the same software that delivers the actual test. You will schedule the test-taker to take GED® Ready® in a similar fashion to when you are scheduling test-takers for the actual test. As with the test, a test-taker will not be online while taking GED® Ready®. The Computers that have the Pearson VUE software installed are the ones that will need to be used to deliver the GED® Ready® and the 2014 GED®® test.