Postsecondary Finance and Capital

​​​Community College Capital Funding

The HECC Office or Postsecondary Finance and Capital  (PFC) coordinates the process for developing state budget recommendations for capital investments and state-funded debt for Oregon’s community colleges.

Oregon’s seventeen community colleges play critical roles in developing Oregonians for their future opportunities and career success.  The funding proposal for community college capital projects is one essential way that the HECC Postsecondary Finance team partners with the colleges to contribute to that student success.

Some basic documents for understanding this process are the Community College Capital Essentials , the Community Colleges Capital Training and the Community College Ca​pital Guide

Process for Community College Capital Requests

Oregon statutes require the community colleges to match funding for any State based bond funding.  The Community College Presidents’ Council reviews, ranks, and recommends to HECC staff the biennial package of Community College capital projects.  These packages are presented through the HECC Office of Postsecondary Finance and Capital in the Agency Request Budget. ​

Once legislatively-approved, bonds may be sold and projects advanced for the Community Colleges. Current bond contracts (2019) allow for a pay-as-you-go matching for the reimbursement of project related expenditures aligned with the issuance data of the bond funds.  Semi-annual progress reports are required by the bond contracts.  Capital project management is the responsibility of the institution and its governing board.  Should you have questions, please contact us at HECC.CapConstructReimb@HECC.OREGON.GOV.