Postsecondary Finance and Capital

Public University Coordination: Academic Planning and Policy

The HECC coordinates and aligns academic policy and initiatives to enhance postsecondary pathways in and across Oregon’s seven public universities, through leadership focused on: sustained academic rigor, aligned transfer and articulation practice and policy, and attention to the needs of underrepresented, rural, and economically challenged students.

The Academic Planning and Policy unit within the Office of University Coordination works closely with statewide groups of administrators and leaders such as the Provosts’ Council to develop and advise on academic policy, research, and legislation for the universities and their students.

The HECC’s Academic Planning and Policy unit is specifically responsible for:

  • Public University Academic Program Approval: including standards, process, forms, and campus guidance regarding significant changes to academic programs. 
  • Legislative and Commission directives related to issues of critical concern to the public universities and the students they serve, including convening of work groups, development of research and policy reports, dissemination of reports, recommendations, and promising practices.
  • ​​Annual institutional evaluations and mission approvals for the public universities.

In addition, the Office of University Coordination collaborates with postsecondary institutions to further progress toward Oregon’s educational and workforce goals. This work includes:

Through research and collaboration, HECC staff work to better understand students’ needs and behavior in order to design pathways that help students succeed.

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