Postsecondary Finance and Capital

Public University Capital Funding

As part of the Office of University Coordination, the University Budget & Finance unit coordinates the process for developing state budget recommendations for capital investments and state-funded debt for Oregon’s public universities.

For an overview of key legislative investments and bills for 2017-2019, including capital funding approved during Oregon’s 2017 Legislative Session, see the Legislative Summary below. Appendix B starting on page 35 of the below document includes details on the approved bonding/capital plans for that came out of the 2017 session.

More information on the results of the 2017 Legislative Session can be found here.​

The HECC adopted the following documents to guide the 2019-21 ARB development process:

The following is the HECC’s recommended capital prioritization for inclusion in the 2019-21 Agency Request Budget:

Links to each campus’s capital projects team are below: