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Student Resources and Updates on Closure of Oregon ITT Tech

The following documents include HECC updates for Oregon ITT Technical Institute students on procedures related to: transfer of credit to other schools, transcripts, federal student aid, loan discharge, surety bond information, veterans benefits, and key contacts in Oregon:

UPDATE 02.02.17

Notice to Former ITT Technical Institute Students about IRS Form 1098T: Please note that the ITT Bankruptcy Trustee is currently preparing 1098Ts for former ITT students and will be mailing these to the last known address on file.  If your address has changed since the closure of ITT, please inform the Trustee at the following address:

Deborah J. Caruso
Office of Deborah J. Caruso
135 N. Pennsylvania St, Suite 1400
Indianapolis, IN 46204

UPDATE 10.13.16

Press Release: State takes action to support former Oregon ITT Technical Institute nursing students

UPDATES 10.7.16

Updates regarding possible Nursing Program teach out, Loan Discharge for Nursing Students Seeking CNA Certification, Surety Bond Claims, and Transcripts.

UPDATES 9.12.16

Message from Linn-Benton Community College

For students needing an alternative educational format to continue their education, LB iLearn Online is a fully online school located within Linn-Benton Community College (LBCC). LB iLearn offers the same exceptional education without having to come to campus. LB iLearn offers a Business Administration Associates Degree and certificate programs in Social Media Specialist, Accounting Clerk, Office Technology Skills, and Coding & Reimbursement. For those interested in exploring all LBCC options, see a complete schedule of classes here.

Both LBCC and LB iLearn are willing to begin conversations with ITT students. On a case-by-case basis, individual transcripts will be evaluated.

Students interested in contacting Linn-Benton Community College to discuss acceptance into on-campus classes, please contact Danny Aynes at

Students interested in contacting LB iLearn Online to discuss acceptance into 100% online programs, please contact Tina Leonard at or (541) 917-4887.

UPDATES 9.9.16

Transition Fair announced for ITT Students, Friday September 16.

A Transition Fair for former ITT students will be held at Mount Hood Community College on the afternoon of Friday September 16th. Students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of a number of Oregon postsecondary institutions to discuss opportunities for continuing their education.

Participating Schools: Chemeketa Community College, Clackamas Community College, Linn-Benton Community College, Mount Hood Community College, Oregon Institute of Technology, Portland Community College.

Questions about Event: call Anna Usselman (503) 947-5716 or Rebecca Fuller, (503) 947-5751 or email:

Info sheet for nursing students:

UPDATES 9.8.16

Students previously enrolled in the following programs at ITT Technical Institute who might be interested in the possibility of continuing their education at Chemeketa Community College are invited to contact the College directly:

  • Associate of Applied Science in Drafting and Design Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science in Software Development
  • Associate of Applied Science in Network Systems Administration
  • Associate of Applied Science in Information and Cybersecurity

If you would like more information about the opportunities available at Chemeketa, please contact: Nol Cobb, Coordinator, Career and Technical Programs, Chemeketa Community College,, (503) 589-7743

UPDATES 9.7.16

Since ITT’s announcement on September 6 of its immediate closure, the HECC has been working to inform local students of their of their current options as consumers and learners.

Transcript Update: Per a company spokesman, ITT Educational Services’ first priority is to “secure and preserve all student records”. Grades earned during the most recent quarter are currently being input and student transcripts will be updated early next week, thus allowing students who have completed their programs to graduate. Diplomas will be mailed directly to graduates’ homes. ITT Educational Services is currently working on reconciling all student financial accounts and will make financial ledgers available at a future date to be confirmed.

Students wishing to request transcripts should access the ITT Student Portal. The spokesman confirmed that a large number of transcript requests had already been received and were being processed. Graduates can also request transcripts via the ITT Alumni website. The ITT Technical Institute website is currently being updated to provide further information and a direct link to transcript requests. ITT Educational Services has confirmed that going forward, and contrary to earlier information provided, Credentials Inc. will not be processing transcript requests. Instead the corporation is planning to enter into an agreement with an alternative credentials processor, Parchment . Contact information for Parchment will be provided at a later stage.

The HECC has requested pdf copies of all transcripts for all students, past and present, who have attended either of the Oregon campuses of ITT Technical Institute.

UPDATES 9.6.16

An email was sent to ITT students with a notice entitled "ITT Technical Institute Oregon Campuse Closure Update." That update has since been updated and is posted above.

UPDATES 9.3.16

In August, 2016, the United States Department of Education (US DOE) imposed new restrictions on ITT Tech. ITT Tech students and consumers are encouraged to visit the following US DOE blog for helpful information. In addition, students with questions about federal student aid, which includes Federal Pell Grants, Direct Loans, and Work-Study, are encouraged to review There is an ITT page on for students impacted by these actions. ITT Technical Institute is authorized by the Office of Degree Authorization (ODA), part of the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC). Oregon ITT students may contact ODA at 503-947-5716; Email


U.S. Department of Education ITT webpage

ITT Transcript Requests

Key Contacts in Oregon
  • Rebecca Fuller, (503) 947-5751

Veterans Questions

  • Barbara R. Zeal, (503) 947-5727

State Regulatory Questions

  • Helen Dunford, (503) 373-0014