Private Postsecondary

Oregon State Approving Agency (SAA) for Veterans Education Programs

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission is Oregon’s State Approving Agency (SAA) for veterans education programs.

The SAA approves programs at schools and institutions so that veterans and eligible individuals can receive federal Veterans Administration funding for attendance.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Approve and supervise postsecondary institutions legally operating in Oregon—including public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, high schools, flight schools, and private career schools—for awarding federal veterans education benefits.
  • Ensure that institutions and schools are compliant with applicable state and federal regulations.
  • Oversee the approval of apprentice and on-the-job training programs (as of Oct. 1, 2016).

The work of the SAA helps to increase educational attainment of Oregonians, reduce the cost of postsecondary education, and increase federal funding to postsecondary schools and institutions.