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Veterans Education Benefits: School Certifying Official Information 

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) is the State Approving Agency (SAA) for Oregon. In order for a veteran, reservist or dependent to use their G.I. Bill Benefits, the educational program must be approved by the State Approving Agency and the SAA approval must be accepted by VA. 

Upon approval of a program, the school agrees to designate a person(s) who will be the main contact for VA education benefits. The School Certifying Official (SCO) will be the liaison with the Oregon SAA and VA. 

The SCO is the only school representative who can certify for GI Bill© ​educational benefits, and is responsible for keeping the beneficiaries’ training file current. The SCO notifies the Ore​gon SAA of any changes that have an effect on the state approval and VA concurrence. Examples of such changes include, but are not limited to changes in:

  • School accreditation, ownership, branches, academic offerings, or licensing.
  • Policies or content of catalog or school bulletin.
  • School advertising and recruit practices.
  • Modality of course instruction.
  • Address, phone number, etc.
  • Changes in certifying official(s).

​Adverse action against the school by federal or state agencies or accrediting associations may be cause for suspension of approval. The school is required to notify the SAA within 30 days of notification of any such action.

Publication of new Catalogs and/or Addendums. This must be submitted to the SAA within 30-days of publication. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of approval of all programs offered by school for the use of GI Bill© benefits. To submit a new Catalog or Addendum, please contact the Oregon SAA for catalog submission application materials.

Notification that the school does not meet minimum benchmark for financial stability or is placed “at-risk” by accrediting body, U. S. Department of Education, and/or state licensing/authorizing agency. 

A U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs Education Liaison Representative (ELR) is the school's primary contact for all questions pertaining to certification of training.  

Schools should refer complicated student benefit eligibility questions to VA, as benefit programs change frequently.  It is recommended that the student receive benefit information directly from the VA. The toll free telephone number for students to call is (888) 442-4551. In addition, the GI Bill® website provides useful student information relating to benefits and eligibility. 

Regulations governing Veterans education and training may be found at: Code of Federal Regulations Title 38 – Veteran's Benefits. 

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