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SAA Forms And Procedures

Approval for Veterans Education Benefits

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) is the State Approving Agency (SAA) for Oregon. In order for a veteran, reservist or dependent to use their G.I. Bill Benefits, the educational program must be approved by the State Approving Agency. Institutions that elect to participate in GI Bill education and training must comply with the Code of Federal Regulations, as well as all federal, state, and local laws. Educational programs must lead to a degree or vocational objective in order to qualify for approval. Continuing education or courses avocational or recreational cannot be approved.

Common Program Approval Terms and Definitions 

Institute of Higher Learning (IHL):  

An IHL is an Institute of Higher Learning such as a college, university, technical, or business school offering post-secondary-level academic instruction that leads to an associate degree or higher.

Non-College Degree (NCD) Programs: 

A course or program of education or vocational training that does not lead to a standard college degree. Such programs must have a vocational objective and lead to a diploma or certificate of completion.

Proprietary School: 

A for-profit or non-profit private educational institution (non-public) that is legally authorized or licensed to operate in the state of jurisdiction.

Training Establishments: 

On-the-Job (OJT) and apprenticeship training locations.

Initial Program Approval for Institute of Higher Learning or Non-College Degree Schools

The Initial Approval process is the approval of one or more programs at a new or previously unapproved institution or school. While the Oregon SAA approval is program specific, many of the approval criteria (e.g., probationary policy, disciplinary policy and grading system, etc.) are institutional in nature, applying to more than one program.

For IHL and NCD educational institutions not already approved, please submit the following:

Continuing Program Approval for Institute of Higher Learning or Non-College Degree Schools

Revised approvals may involve a change in institutional or program status which may impact: policy, name, location, accreditation, program design, school ownership, branch campus, or other factors covered in the regulations and requiring SAA review and approval. The continued approval of programs is publication-based. Schools with programs approved for the use of GI Bill© benefits are required to submit new Catalogs and/or Addendums to the Oregon SAA within 30 days of publication. 

For schools and institutions with approved programs, please contact the SAA for Continuing Program Approval Application Materials.

Approval of Licensing and Certification Testing 

If you are an eligible veteran or dependent, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can reimburse you for taking a license or certification test. The test must be approved by the State Approving Agency. Tests that may be reimbursable by VA include licensing and/or certification needed for employment. Tests that may be reimbursable by VA include licensing and/or certification for a job as a mechanic, medical technician, therapist, cosmetologist, registered nurse, and other professional. 

If a specific test is not listed, it still may be a valid test that’s not yet approved for reimbursement. Contact the Oregon SAA for more information on approved Licensing and Certification Test approval in Oregon.

For Organizations Administering Licensing and Certification Exams

Assist a veteran by getting your agency or organization test approved: 

Revise your current Oregon Licensing and Certification Test approval.

Types of Training that Can Be Approved for use of the G.I. Bill:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Vocational or Career Schools
  • Flight Schools
  • On-the-Job (OJT) and Apprenticeship Training
  • High Schools

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