Public University Coordination

Public University Coordination: Our Coordinating Role

The Office of Public University Coordination is responsible for policy and funding coordination related to Oregon’s seven public universities to achieve Oregon’s higher education goals. The governance of Oregon’s public universities is the responsibility of their respective governing boards​.

This HECC Office of Public University Coordination leads the HECC's response to legislation related to Oregon public university funding, student success, student services, and academic quality and integrity. It carries out statutory authorities of the HECC​ to foster pathways to success for current and future Oregon students of public universities. 

​The Office consists of two units: Academic Planning and Policy​ and University Finance​, responsible for:

  • Public university funding including developing biennial budget recommendations for the Public University Support Fund, Public University State Programs, Statewide Public Service Programs, and capital investments, fiscal reporting and analysis, and the allocation of state funding through the Student Success and Completion Model (SSCM) funding model.*

In addition, the Office of University Coordination collaborates with postsecondary institutions and workforce partners to further progress toward Oregon’s educational and workforce goals.

Below you will find information on many of these collaborative efforts: