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First Steps in Lumina Foundation “TIE” Grant Activities: Building Partnerships

The HECC is advancing work supported by a $689,000 Talent, Innovation, and Equity (“TIE”) partnership grant from Lumina Foundation​ to help eliminate disparities in postsecondary success rates between Oregon’s overall student population and historically underrepresented students of color. The grant supports a suite of state leadership activities aimed to improve postsecondary success in Oregon for African-American, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American/Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander learners, with a particular focus on adult learners of color. The HECC’s first steps are focused on building partnerships and engaging in focus group research with diverse communities.  ​

HECC Completes Round 2 of Campus Visits Complete for 10-Year Strategic Capital Plan

The HECC is in the process of developing a 10-year strategic capital plan for public universities, in partnership with the public universities and an external expert in educational strategic capital planning. Over the month of June, 2019, HECC worked with campuses to host eight focus group meetings, involving educators, business and community leaders, and workforce stakeholders at every public university. To learn more about the developmentof the 10-year strategic capital plan, see our website here.​​

Development of the Oregon Transfer Compass

In an effort to streamline transfer among Oregon’s higher education institutions, simplify the process and reduce loss of credit, Oregon’s State Legislature passed House Bill 2998 (2017) which led to the development of the Oregon Transfer Compass. 

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