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Given the unprecedented actions taken at the national and state level to reduce the spread of COVID-19, applicants may experience limited seating at PSI locations.  See PSI's website for information.

The written exam is provided by PSI.  After you are approved by the LCB and receive your candidate ID number, contact PSI to schedule your exam appointment.

Exam Study Materials:
This is a listing of resources for each section of the exam.
Laws, Rules and Business Practices Guide (English)
Laws, Rules and Business Practices Guide (Spanish)
Oregon OSHA Guide
Plant List
Cross-Connection  Control Manual, Environmental Protection Agency, 2003

Cross-Connection Control Manual, A Best Practices Guide
Backflow Code

Certain resources can be ordered from the LCB office:
Exam Materials Order Form

Candidate Information Bulletin:
The Candidate Information Bulletin contains helpful information on PSI's policies and procedures. It contains a breakdown of each section of the exam, including subcategories, number of questions, time limit and study material. The bulletin also has information regarding:

  • How to schedule an exam
  • Test site locations
  • What to expect at your appointment
  • What ID is required for your appointment
  • How to make special arrangements for your appointment, if needed
  • Cancelation and late policy
  • Sample exam questions
The bulletin also contains information regarding the mini written exams for the practical skills exam.

Candidate Information Bulletin - English

Candidate Information Bulletin - Spanish
Boletin Informativo Para Candidatos

Getting Started:
To get started, submit an application to the LCB to take the exam.  Once your application is approved, you will receive a packet of information.  This will include your candidate ID number.  With this number, you can register with PSI to take the exam.  

If your application is not approved, you will receive a letter requesting further documentation.

Please take time to read how to become licensed.  This provides you with a step by step licensing process.

Information for both types of exam


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