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Risk MAP


Risk Mapping, Assessment, and Planning (Risk MAP) is a program within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that produces Flood Insurance Rate Maps, multi-hazard maps and data, and risk assessment tools. DLCD coordinates the Risk MAP program in Oregon.

FEMA's Risk MAP program produces the FIRMs – digital maps of floodplains and flood risks that are used for flood insurance and floodplain development regulation. The work of digitizing and improving these maps began in 2004 as FEMAs Map Modernization initiative. Prior to that, many of Oregon's maps were decades out of date.

Once the Map Modernization initiative ended in 2010, the Risk MAP program was created to continue map digitization efforts and to broaden the program to include other hazards. This new approach is aimed at providing multi-hazard risk information to Oregonians and improving the resilience of communities across the state. Today, digital flood maps (FIRMs) are available for 21 Oregon counties and 154 cities. You can find them online as part of the National Flood Hazard Layer web viewer, which can also be accessed at FEMA's Map Service Center.

The Risk MAP Vision: Through collaboration with state, tribal, and local entities, Risk MAP delivers quality data that increases public awareness and leads to action that reduces risk to life and property. Risk MAP focuses on products and services beyond the traditional flood map (FIRM). In carrying out the Risk MAP program, DLCD works with officials to help put flood risk data and risk assessment tools to use. We communicate hazard risk to citizens and help communities improve their mitigation plans.

You can find information about the national Risk MAP program on FEMA's Risk MAP website and the "What is Risk MAP" link below. For details on projects and events in Oregon, see information provided below. For all projects in the Pacific Northwest, go to the FEMA Region 10 web page.

Community Profiles

The community profiles show recent and upcoming Risk MAP activities and meetings by jurisdiction. These profiles include relevant documents and presentations, meeting schedules, links to hazard data viewers and risk assessment publications, and archived information. The profiles include information about current Flood Insurance Rate Maps, National Flood Insurance Program participation status, and Natural Hazard Mitigation Plans. They also include flood risk profiles which detail the types of flood risk found in each county with modernized flood maps.

Note: Community Profiles are currently under construction. Please contact DLCD for more information

Oregon Community Resilience Training

This video has presentations from Oregon Risk MAP partners. These presentations are designed primarily to benefit local hazard mitigation staff. The presentations will introduce viewers to state and federal agencies involved in hazard resilience and provide tools for accessing program support.

Currently, there are three presentations included. Additional presentations will be added in the coming months. The three presentations now are:

  • Reduce Community Risk to Natural Hazards through Land-Use Planning – Meg Reed, Coastal Shores Specialist, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development – Coastal Program
  • Hazard Mitigation Funding Mechanisms, Assistance + Training – Angie Lane, State Hazard Mitigation Officer, Oregon Office of Emergency Management
  • Geological Hazard Mapping and Risk Assessments – Jed Roberts, Flood Hazard Coordinator, Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

The presentations can be viewed in sequence, or users can navigate to any part of any presentation at any time by using the forwards/backwards arrows or by clicking on the presentation circles on the screen.

Oregon FIRM Updates

Status of FIRMs in Oregon as of December 2016As of August 2018, digital flood insurance rate maps (FIRMs) are available for 21 of the 36 counties in Oregon. Look at the "Effective Dates of Oregon FIRMs" map to see if your county is one of them.

The map also shows the year the FIRMs were last updated with new flood risk data. This date is called the "effective date".

Reading the Effective Dates Map

Every green-shaded county in the graphic has digital flood maps. Green-shaded counties with red lines have remapping projects underway. Red-shaded counties are current projects that will convert paper maps to digital maps while also improving the hazard data shown on the maps. Counties with planned map projects are shaded yellow. Counties without any shading do not have any map update projects planned. This graphic shows the status of the mapping projects as of December 2016.

Current Risk MAP Projects in Oregon

The table below shows the status of active Risk MAP projects in Oregon. Please note that all listed dates are estimates and are subject to change.


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