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Oregon Housing Planning Project (OHPP)

In 2018, the Oregon Legislature allocated $1.73 million to the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) for housing planning technical assistance in House Bill 4006. The bill allocates funding "for the purpose of providing technical assistance to local governments in increasing the affordability of housing."

Technical assistance will include an analysis of housing needs, audits of land use codes (to identify barriers to housing development), revisions to land use codes (to remove barriers), and implementation plans for increasing housing supply.

To provide this assistance, DLCD has contracted with a team of consultants experienced in completing Housing Needs Analyses (HNAs), updating land use codes, and developing implementation strategies to facilitate housing development. DLCD manages the consultant contracts after agreement is reached on project scope, schedule, and deliverables between the local government, consultant, and DLCD. Currently, consultants are wrapping up their work under the program, with a completion deadline of June 30, 2019.

Funding priorities, consistent with the language and purpose of House Bill 4006, were first for severely rent-burdened cities with a population over 10,000. (Severely rent-burdened communities, as identified by the Oregon Housing and Community Services Department, are communities in which 25% or more of renter households spend more than 50% of household income on gross rent.) Second priority was for smaller, severely rent-burdened cities. Third priority went to cities over 10,000 population with high population growth rates. Fourth priority funding went to local governments based on local government readiness, geographic distribution, consultant availability and expertise, and the type of technical assistance requested. In all, 45 projects have been funded by the program, providing a variety of projects to local governments large and small throughout the state.

A list of participating local governments, project types, and prioritization, as well as a color-coded map showing project locations, may be found here:

OHPP Project List and Map

For other questions regarding the Oregon Housing Needs Planning Project, please contact Kevin Young.

Future Funding Opportunities

Technical Assistance Grants have been, and will continue to be, available to fund Housing Needs Analyses and other housing-related work. More information regarding how to apply for Technical Assistance Grants may be found here:

Community Grants

For questions regarding an application submittal or the status of a Request for Assistance, please contact the Grants Administrative Specialist.


Kevin Young
Senior Urban Planner
Phone: 503-602-0238

Grants Administrative Specialist
Angela Williamson
Phone: 971-345-1987