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August 06, 2019
OregonSaves Marks Two Years and Celebrates $25 Million Saved for Retirement
First-time savers contributed majority of savings
Oregon State Treasury
August 01, 2019
Oregon College Savings Plan Gives Kindergartners’ Accounts $25
Kindergarten students that live in Oregon are eligible for $25 college savings account
Oregon State Treasury
July 01, 2019
State Treasurer Tobias Read appoints Michael Kaplan as Deputy State Treasurer
A veteran Oregon government leader, Kaplan will oversee Treasury financial and investment operations and help advance the Treasurer’s savings agenda
Oregon State Treasury
June 30, 2019
Legislature approves new Education Savings Credit to put higher learning in reach for more Oregonians
If bill is signed by the governor, Oregon will be the first state to offer a refundable tax credit for saving for college and career training
Oregon State Treasury
June 25, 2019
Celebrating $2 Billion Saved for Higher Education and 18 Years of Dreaming
The Oregon College Savings Plan reflects on extended history of statewide savings
Oregon State Treasury
May 20, 2019
State Treasurer Tobias Read helps lead national investor call for workplace disability inclusion
Investor group representing $1 trillion highlights financial benefits of embracing an open and diverse workforce
Oregon State Treasury
May 15, 2019
Statewide initiative helps families save for higher education with the Oregon College Savings Plan
Be College Ready: Elementary-aged students eligible for $100 college savings account and free school supplies
Oregon State Treasury
May 14, 2019
State Treasurer Tobias Read highlights successful OregonSaves launch in U.S. Senate hearing
Senate Committee on Finance asks about landmark Oregon program as part of search for ways to improve retirement readiness
Oregon State Treasury
May 08, 2019
The Oregon 529 Savings Board Brings Government to You
The May meeting of the Oregon 529 Savings Board to convene in Eugene
Oregon State Treasury
April 25, 2019
Advocating for Oregonians with disabilities: State Treasurer Tobias Read and bipartisan coalition of Oregon lawmakers urge Congress to expand eligibility for financial empowerment ABLE program
The ABLE Age Adjustment Act would raise the age of disability onset from 26 to 46 for savings accounts for disability-related costs
Oregon State Treasury
April 02, 2019
Successful Lottery Bond sale will help improve infrastructure, affordable housing and a mosaic of community facilities statewide
Strong Oregon credit ratings helped to stoke robust demand for the $159.5 million offering, led by the State Treasury
Oregon State Treasury
March 21, 2019
Oregon Treasurer announces completion of successful $100 million sale to help preserve public benefits of Elliott State Forest
Proceeds will be directed to the Oregon Common School Fund and invested for the benefit of current and future students
Oregon State Treasury
March 07, 2019
Oregon Treasurer Tobias Read receives Champion of Change Award from National Down Syndrome Society
Oregon ABLE Savings Plan and ABLE for ALL are helping people with disabilities to save for better futures
Oregon State Treasury
March 02, 2019
Oregonians can help finance the effort to preserve the public benefits of the Elliott State Forest
The week of March 4, individual investors can purchase Certificates of Participation in the $100 million package, through the Buy Oregon Bonds program
Oregon State Treasury
February 28, 2019
Oregon pension fund performance ranked first among peers for past decade
Treasury-led changes since the 2008-09 Global Financial Crisis have produced top returns and a more resilient portfolio
Oregon State Treasury
February 07, 2019
Help build a better Oregon: Major new bond sale will finance affordable housing and improvements to K-12 schools, universities and court facilities
With the Buy Oregon Bonds program, individual investors will be first in line for issuance of $518 million in bonds the week of Feb. 10
Oregon State Treasury
February 06, 2019
OregonSaves highlighted on Capitol Hill as a national model that’s already helping tens of thousands of first-time savers
Oregon small business owner tells Congress that OregonSaves is good for employers and for workers
Oregon State Treasury
February 01, 2019
Oregon Investment Council: Diversity and inclusion are beneficial to long-term investment performance
Foundational ‘Investment Beliefs’ revised to reflect commitment to advancing diversity among staff, managers and contractors
Oregon State Treasury
January 29, 2019
Substantial bonding capacity for 2019-21 biennium can help finance new infrastructure, affordable housing, and overdue repairs
State Debt Policy Advisory Commission recommends prudent debt limits to protect state credit ratings
Oregon State Treasury