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After receiving clarification from EPA, DEQ will act to regulate Bullseye Glass and Uroboros under conditions of applicable federal hazardous air pollutant regulations
Portland, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has determined that two Portland glass manufacturers are subject to regulation under federal air quality rules to control hazardous air pollutants, including metals. This means the companies are now legally required to install pollution control equipment and follow other requirements for testing, monitoring, and record keeping.

In a letter written March 9, DEQ asked EPA for guidance on the state of Oregon's interpretation of the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants, or NESHAP, for glass manufacturers. DEQ specifically asked for clarification on the definition of a “continuous furnace.”
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In the letter received April 12, EPA clarified that the types of furnaces used by both companies should be considered to be continuously operating even though they go into an “idling” mode when not producing glass.
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The agency will issue an enforceable order to each company requiring that they install the pollution control equipment and apply for the appropriate permit. Additionally, under the Cleaner Air Oregon Program, announced last week by Governor Kate Brown, DEQ and the Oregon Health Authority are launching development of a human health risk-based regulatory reform. This new regulatory approach will go beyond the federal rules and result in statewide requirements to reduce hazardous emissions from industrial facilities to protect public health.

In anticipation of EPA's issuance of guidance, DEQ has been compiling information on glass manufacturers to confirm production and emission information. Based on this information, and on the guidance from EPA, Bullseye Glass and Uroboros are the only two Oregon glass manufacturers subject to the federal requirements applicable to glass factories.
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