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Salem, OR—Today, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson thanked Senior Assistant Attorney General John McCormick for his excellent work in support of Secretary of State team members.

McCormick is the fourth of five public servants Richardson is recognizing during Public Service Recognition Week. The combined innovations and hard work of these Secretary of State and DOJ employees have saved Oregon tax payers millions of dollars.

"John McCormick provided outstanding legal work that assisted our Secretary of State Purchasing team renegotiate a contract resulting in a savings of $465,000," said Richardson. "Oregon is now getting better value for a fraction of the cost.”

“All Oregonians should thank John McCormick for his dedication to excellence,” said Richardson. "State employees like John, who are looking out for Oregon taxpayers by correcting inaccuracies and increasing efficiency, can take pride in knowing they are making it possible to redirect tax dollars where they are needed most: educating kids, training workers, and protecting other critical services.”



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