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Portland, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will continue to assess and remove asbestos-contaminated debris from the roofs of Portland buildings within the May 14 River Street fire investigation area until Friday, June 2.

All cleaning is free of charge and requests for roof asbestos assessment and cleaning should directed to the DEQ hotline at 503-229-6488 prior to June 2.

Since the fire, cleanup crews have worked to identify and remove asbestos-containing debris from building rooftops throughout Portland. DEQ and EPA's emergency response effort is in the final phase of completion, and since operations began, crews have cleaned-up 1,272 areas throughout Portland with asbestos-contaminated debris and removed 246 pounds of contaminated material.

Public Safety Tips:

• Do not touch, pick up, move or vacuum any debris that may have come from the fire. Asbestos-containing debris will look like ash or paper, and crumbles into fibers easily.

• If you find any of this debris, do not touch it and please call 503-229-6488. Leave a message with: your name and phone number, address or location where you saw the debris, and what the debris looks like. Cleanup team members will contact you with more information.

To view interactive maps, photos, and video of the cleanup response, visit:

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Matthew VanSickle, Public Information Officer, DEQ, 971-284-7500,
Mark MacIntyre, Public Information Officer, EPA, 206-369-7999,


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