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Portland, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued a $169,303 civil penalty to East Side Plating, Inc., for failing to implement stormwater treatment measures at its facility located at 8400 SE 26th Ave., Portland, OR. Specifically, the company failed to install treatment measures required by its stormwater permit to address elevated levels of zinc and copper in its stormwater discharge to Johnson Creek.

$161,303 of the civil penalty represents the economic benefit gained by failing to install the treatment measures. DEQ will consider recalculating the penalty if the treatment measures are installed.

DEQ issued this penalty because the company's failure to address the elevated levels of copper and zinc in its stormwater discharge poses a risk to aquatic life and beneficial uses of Johnson Creek.

The company has until August 10, 2017 to appeal the penalty.

View the enforcement letter:

Matthew Van Sickle, Public Information Officer, DEQ, 503-229-6044


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