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Salem, OR—In response to media inquiries, the Elections Division released the following information to clarify a misunderstanding about the Oregon Constitution's limits on a Governor's term of office.

Article V, Section 1 of the Oregon Constitution specifies that for the office of the Governor, “no person shall be eligible to such office more than Eight [sic] in any period of twelve years.”

In addition to the Constitution's language, in the attached 2015 Attorney General legal opinion it states the following, “Ms. Brown is eligible to hold the office of governor for a total of 8 years in any 12 year period. She will be eligible to run in the 2016 election to complete the remaining two-year unexpired term of the outgoing governor. If successful, she will again be eligible to run in 2018 for a full four-year term. Should she win both of those elections, she will not be eligible to run again in 2022 because she would not be eligible to hold office for the entire four-year term.”


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