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Salem, OR—Today, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson and the Oregon Audits Division are pleased to present the first annual Audit Plan.

The Audit Plan is a new document to be release annually. It includes a brief overview of the functions of the Audits Division, a list of audits to occur in 2017-2018, an explanation of why these audits were selected, and a tentative schedule of audits to occur in 2018-2019. (Additional audits may be added to the Plan, as circumstances warrant.)

“I am very excited about the Plan and the positive impact it will have on Oregon,” said Kip Memmott, Director of the Audits Division. “This is a bold plan, both in terms of the number of audits compared to our historical average, as well as in terms of audit topics.”

This year's plan includes performance audits focused on certain themes, including security and information technology; vulnerable populations; finance, revenue, and fiscal sustainability; education; and, public health and safety.

The Plan also includes the traditional financial audits of the state's public accounts, as well as financial audits of specific funds at the Department of Environmental Quality, the Oregon Department of Energy, and the Department of Consumer and Business Services, among others.

The Audit Plan is a reflection of Secretary Richardson's vision, including his emphasis on accountability and transparency. It is also a continuous improvement strategy for the Audits Division, and includes real-time auditing concepts using leading-edge audit methodologies and a focus on measuring audit impact.

“I'm pleased to share this first Audit Plan with you," said Secretary of State Dennis Richardson. "Making the Plan public is yet another step we are taking to make our government more open and transparent. By publicly announcing the agencies and topics we intend to audit, as well as sharing our vision for the Audits Division moving forward, we hold ourselves to the same standards of accountability and transparency we are looking for in all state agencies."

Read the full Audit Plan on the Secretary of State's website:


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