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Portland, OR—Acting EPA Region 10 Administrator Michelle Pirzadeh announced today that EPA is adjusting and expanding its process for review of a proposed agreement addressing key next steps in the cleanup of Portland Harbor. The EPA announcement responds directly to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's request, as well as input from other partners.

DEQ's Director Richard Whitman said “I appreciate EPA Region 10's responsiveness to our concerns. We have had a constructive, collaborative relationship with EPA on this project, and Oregon expects that EPA will follow through with a thorough and transparent process to get this work started on the right path.” The agreement, which is expected to be finalized in the next few weeks, sets out the sampling work needed to help define specific areas of cleanup activity, as well as establish new baseline conditions for measuring the effectiveness of the cleanup activities.

Contact: Jennifer Flynt, Public Affairs Specialist, 503.730.5924,


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