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Workers’ Compensation Division honored for helping injured workers
Salem, OR—The Oregon Workers' Compensation Division (WCD) has received an award from a worldwide organization for the division's ongoing efforts and track record of success in helping injured Oregon workers return to work.

The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions – the largest trade association of workers' compensation agencies in North America – honored WCD with a 2017 President's Award. Such awards recognize the contributions of regulators and industry professionals in improving workplace health and safety, including helping workers recover from on-the-job injury and illness.

WCD's award, announced by the association during its 103rd annual convention held in Portland this month, recognizes two Oregon programs: the Employer-at-Injury Program and the Preferred Worker Program.

The Employer-at-Injury Program encourages the early return to work of injured workers by helping lower an employer's early return-to-work costs and claim costs. Since 1995, it has helped more than 160,000 injured Oregon workers achieve both long-term employment and wages that are higher than those who did not use the program.

The Preferred Worker Program encourages re-employment of qualified Oregon workers who have permanent disabilities from on-the-job injuries. The program, which focuses on small- to medium-sized businesses, offers Oregon employers a chance to save money by hiring preferred workers. Since 2012, the program has served an average 1,029 newly eligible workers per year.

In putting the spotlight on both programs, the association noted WCD's commitment to continuously improve its services. “While both programs have been successful,” according to the association, “Oregon continues to measure the impact and make changes to improve outcomes.”

“This award reflects the energy, hard work, and professionalism of all of our staff,” said Lou Savage, administrator for WCD. “And we remain committed to what matters most: helping improve the lives of injured workers – and their families – in Oregon.”

Learn more about WCD's return-to-work programs by visiting , calling 800-452-0288 (toll free), or by sending an email to the Employer-at-Injury Program – – or the Preferred Worker Program –

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