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Klamath Falls, OR—A household hazardous waste collection event October 14 at Kiger Stadium brought in a total of 66,973 pounds of waste, with 547 Klamath County residents participating. The average amount of household hazardous waste brought in by each car was 122 pounds – 25 percent higher than the average amount of waste brought into similar events elsewhere in Oregon.

Common items collected included aerosol cans, antifreeze, engine cleaners, fluorescent tubes, household batteries, motor oil, paint, pesticides, solvents, mercury containing devices (like thermostats and thermometers), and wood preservatives.

About 50 percent of the waste collected last Saturday was paint and 37 percent was pesticides and solvents. In addition, two small businesses and seven farms and ranches from the Klamath Falls area brought in hazardous waste.

All collected material were be handled by a state hazardous waste contractor. The materials were screened for usable products, such as household cleaners, paint and other household products that were made available to local residents for reuse. Remaining materials were sent to recycling, energy recovery or incineration facilities.

The collection event was sponsored by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, City of Klamath Falls, Klamath County and Kiger Stadium.

Craig Filip, Solid Waste Reduction Analyst, Eugene, 541- 686-7868,
Pete Pasterz, Materials Management Program, Portland, 503-229-5731,



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