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Huntington, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued the city of Huntington a $1,800 penalty for exceeding limits for E. coli in its wastewater discharge. The city has paid the penalty.

The wastewater permit allows the city to discharge effluent that has been treated to remove E. coli, though it limits a single sample concentration of E. coli to 406 organisms per 100 mL. The monthly average for E. coli cannot exceed 126 organisms per 100 mL.

The city discharged effluent in January 2017 that contained a single sample concentration of 2,420 organisms per 100mL. The monthly average for the same month was 195 organisms per 100 mL.

DEQ issued the penalty because permit compliance for wastewater systems is essential to protecting water quality and human health. E. coli is a bacteria species that indicates fecal contamination, which is a human health threat due to disease and the presence of pathogens.

DEQ previously cited the city of Huntington for E. coli violations, including civil penalties or warning letters in 2015, 2013 and 2009.

The city has paid the penalty. Read the notice of civil penalty:

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