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Hermiston, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued a $29,534 penalty to Carter & Wyatt Holdings, LLC for operating an industrial or commercial activity without a DEQ permit at its vegetable slurry storage facility, located at 78227 Highway 207 in Hermiston.

The facility received and stored vegetable waste and vegetable slurry prior to further distribution. The facility had operated without a permit since July 2015. At the site, there was slurry in cracked concrete basins and unlined pits in the ground. State law considers this material to be waste, because it could contaminate groundwater or surface water. The facility was required to discontinue operating until a permit could be issued.

DEQ issued the penalty because vegetable wastes are high in nitrogen, which poses a threat to groundwater. The facility is located in the Lower Umatilla Basin Groundwater Management Area, where nitrate-nitrogen concentrations in groundwater are of particular concern.

View the notice of civil penalty:

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