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Portland, OR—The application process for a proposed gold mine in Malheur County will be reviewed during a Nov. 16 workshop for the project's coordinating and technical review committees.

The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) anticipates submission in early 2018 of a consolidated application for the Calico Resources Grassy Mountain Gold Project. The application would be the first submitted under Oregon's consolidated application process for chemical process mines.

The informational workshop is intended to provide a review of the process for members of the Project Coordinating Committee and Technical Review Team, and to proactively identify potential issues or gaps in information.

Members of the public and media are welcome to attend and listen. No public comment or questions will be taken.

Thursday, November 16
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
800 NE Oregon St., Suite 965, Basalt Conference Room
For a call-in and web meeting option, contact Lori Calarruda at

Oregon uses a consolidated application process for administering state regulatory requirements for chemical process mines. The majority of the requirements are consolidated into a permit issued by DOGAMI. Other federal, state, or local permits may also be required.

The process incorporates two coordinating and technical groups in the application review and permit development process:

The Project Coordinating Committee (PCC) shares information and coordinates local, state, and federal permitting requirements to avoid contradictory requirements, facilitate the exchange of ideas, promote interdisciplinary decision making and optimize communication. PCC membership includes State agencies, federal agencies, local governments, and interested Tribal Nations.

The Technical Review Team (TRT), an interdisciplinary team of state agencies that reviews information related to a proposed mine during all phases of the application process, and ultimately develops consolidated permit conditions that conform to Oregon regulations. The federal Bureau of Land Management serves on the team in an ex-officio role.

Ali Ryan Hansen
Communications Director, DOGAMI
cell: 503.347.5898


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