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Sheridan, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has fined McFarland Cascade Holdings Inc. $8,400 for wastewater violations at its Rock Creek Road facility.

The company exceeded limits in its wastewater discharge permit for pentachlorophenol in January 2017. The chemical, used as a wood preservative, is toxic to fish and other aquatic life. The permit limits are designed to protect water quality in the South Yamhill River.

Considering that the facility has exceeded the pentacholorphenol limits on several occasions since 2015, DEQ is requiring the company to monitor the facility's wastewater for pentachlorophenol at least twice a month during 2018. The current permit requires the company to monitor for the chemical once a month.

DEQ is also requiring the company to complete installing a 500,000-gallon storage tank that will supplement the facility's treatment system. The company plans to install the tank by Jan. 31, 2018. When calculating the fine, DEQ considered the company's efforts to design and procure the tank and to make other improvements to its treatment system.

The company has until Dec. 21 to appeal the penalty.

See the enforcement letter:

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