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Harney County, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is offering free well testing in Harney County as part of a groundwater study. The data will help DEQ identify emerging groundwater concerns and inform groundwater users of potential risks from contamination.

DEQ is looking for volunteers who are interested in having their drinking well water tested during the spring and fall of 2018. There is no cost to homeowners to have wells tested by DEQ.

DEQ will collect well water samples prior to treatment or filtration and analyze for chemicals that pose a potential health risk, including nitrate, arsenic, E. coli and other contaminants.

DEQ selected Harney County as the next location of its Groundwater Monitoring Program based on data related to vulnerable aquifers, geology and soil. The agency also looked at historical data available through real estate transactions and took input from local groundwater stakeholders before selecting Harney County as the next area for monitoring.

Harney County residents interested in free well water sampling should contact DEQ by Jan. 15, 2018 to be included in the spring 2018 sampling event. Residents can email or call

View more information on DEQ's Groundwater Monitoring Program:

Greg Svelund, DEQ Public Affairs, 541-633-2008,


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