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Salem, OR—Governor Kate Brown will be delivering an abbreviated State of the State address to high schoolers from across Oregon in the coming weeks before delivering it to a Joint Session of the Legislature at the opening of the 2018 session.

The Governor will visit Eugene, Bend, and Medford career and technical education (CTE) programs at local high schools. Governor Brown's brief version of her State of the State address to students and local business leaders will highlight the importance of hands-on learning. She will also be discussing her vision for preparing for Oregon's future by creating lifelong learners.

The formal State of the State address will take place at the Joint Session of the Seventy-ninth Legislative Assembly on Monday, February 5th at 9:30 a.m. in the House of Representatives Chamber, State Capitol. Further details will be released prior to the address.

“I was raised to believe that if I worked hard, I could accomplish anything I set my mind to,” said Governor Brown. “My concern is that this doesn't hold true for everyone in Oregon today. I strongly believe that hands-on learning experience, like career and technical education, is one of the best ways to get our students to cross the stage at graduation and walk into the world of work, filling Oregon's jobs and growing Oregon's economy.”

Governor Brown will visit the following high schools:
• Tuesday, January 16, Churchill High School, Eugene.
• Wednesday, January 17, Bend Senior High School, Bend.
• Thursday, February 1, North Medford High School, Medford.

The Governor is thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with students about the great successes that are happening at their CTE programs.

At Churchill High School, Governor Brown will check in on the progress of students in the Engineering Design, Health Services, Environmental Sciences, Graphic Design, Visual and Performing Arts, and Information and Communication Technology CTE programs, whom she first met two years ago when they were in middle school.

Governor Brown visited Bend Senior High School last year, and will talk with the students she met about how their classes are being used as a blueprint for CTE education across the state.

At North Medford High School, Governor Brown will highlight an innovative project designed to cultivate curiosity through experiential learning and strengthen existing relationships between schools, businesses, and industry. North Medford was awarded a regional CTE Revitalization Grant for 2015-2017 for $500,000 to build two mobile CTE laboratories, Mobile Class Labs (MCLs), to provide equipment on a rotating basis to schools lacking cutting edge technologies.

Members of the media are welcome to attend the high school events, which will be immediately followed by a media availability. For details on times, location, and access members of the media should contact Press Secretary Kate Kondayen at or 503-689-0248.


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