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Deadline to submit comments is Jan. 22
Portland, OR—State agencies will close the public comment period on proposed Cleaner Air Oregon rules at 4 p.m. on Jan. 22.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon Health Authority held nine public hearings around the state in November and December on the proposed new rules to regulate industrial air toxics and reduce the impact these pollutants have on the health of Oregonians.

To submit comments, please go to the Cleaner Air Oregon website:

Governor Kate Brown launched the Cleaner Air Oregon rule-making process in April 2016, after communities around the state raised concerns about their exposure to potentially harmful heavy metals, chemicals and other pollutants from industrial sources.

Oregon's current rules are based on federal law. The proposed rules would close gaps that can create health risks by allowing industrial facilities to release potentially harmful amounts of air toxics, but still operate within legal requirements.

The proposed Cleaner Air Oregon rules build on the lessons learned from other states. Washington, California and 22 other states have adopted health risk limits on industrial pollutants.

The state developed the rules based on input from national experts and a 23-member advisory committee of Oregonians, which included scientists, physicians, community representatives, large and small business owners, local health officials, labor representatives, environmental justice advocates and others.

The rules were drafted to provide businesses with predictable and flexible air quality rules so Oregon industries can remain competitive in a global economy. The rules would focus on the highest-risk sources first and would have limited impact on small businesses and businesses with limited emissions. The rules would also allow flexibility for companies faced with financial hardships and provide more time to meet the rules' standards.

Additional information:
Cleaner Air Oregon website:

Jennifer Flynt, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, 503-229-6585,


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