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Salem, OR—This morning, there was a power outage on the North Mall circuit in Salem, affecting several state agency buildings. At 12:45 p.m., the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) officially closed the Public Service Building, and Secretary of State services were subsequently required to close. Intermittent issues have also been reported on this same power circuit from other agencies.

We are awaiting further instructions from DAS regarding the effects and length of time we will be closed. While PGE completes repairs, electrical and phone services will remain down. Secretary of State personnel have been instructed to check the DAS website to determine the status of the PSB and when they can to return to work.

An updated press release will be sent when power and normal operations are restored. We regret any inconveniences this has caused. Please know that the executive team and critical elections systems are still fully functional, and our Capitol office remains open.

CONTACT: Debra Royal / Chief of Staff / 503-986-2361 /


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