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Happy Valley, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has fined construction contractor Tapani Inc. $27,400 and property development company Jackson Hills IV LLC $26,286 for violating asbestos and stormwater regulations at a 19-acre development site in Happy Valley.

Jackson Hills allowed Tapani to demolish a house with floor and wall materials that contained asbestos and openly accumulate the demolition debris in September 2017.

Asbestos fibers cause lung cancer and other illnesses—there is no known safe level of exposure. To protect public health, DEQ requires that specially trained and licensed contractors remove all asbestos-containing materials prior to demolition. Tapani lacked the required license when it demolished the house.

DEQ inspectors also measured highly turbid, or muddy, stormwater discharging from the site into Mitchell Creek. Turbid stormwater poses a threat to fish and other aquatic life because it can clog fish gills, reduce photosynthesis in plants and increase water temperature. Mitchell Creek drains to Kelly Creek and then Johnson Creek, both of which are designated essential salmon habitat.

The turbid discharges were a violation of Jackson Hills' construction stormwater permit.

View the enforcement letter for Jackson Hills IV here:

View the enforcement letter for Tapani Inc. here:

Contact: Laura Gleim, Public Affairs Specialist, Portland, 503-229-6488,


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