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Scappoose, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has fined Ryan James Schumann $23,008 and Robert Rook Contractor $16,000 for mishandling asbestos and illegally burning household material, building debris and asbestos-containing material at a residential property in Scappoose.

Schumann owns the property at 54031 Sam Blehm Road. In December 2016, he hired Robert Rook Contractor to demolish the house and burn debris, including vinyl flooring that contained asbestos, wiring, furniture and other materials that emit toxic fumes.

It is illegal to openly burn these materials in Oregon.

Asbestos fibers cause lung cancer and other illnesses. There is no known safe level of exposure. To protect public health, DEQ requires training and licensing for those who handle materials containing asbestos.

Robert Rook Contractor did not have asbestos training and licensing.

View enforcement letters:

Laura Gleim, Public Affairs Specialist, Portland, 503-229-6488,


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