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Bill provides more than $400 million in funding for Medicaid, reinsurance program
Salem, OR—Today, Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 2010 into law. The bill is the first piece of her priority legislative proposal for sustainable, long-term health care funding to ensure Oregonians have access to affordable health coverage.

“House Bill 2010 is a significant step forward in ensuring every single Oregonian has access to affordable health coverage,” said Governor Brown. “But HB 2010 only covers a portion of what we need for our health care system. So, as we celebrate today, we need to immediately turn our focus to filling the rest of the Oregon Health Plan funding gap.”

House Bill 2010 includes:

• A hospital assessment, generating $98 million for the Oregon
Health Plan (Oregon's Medicaid program)

• A health insurance assessment and managed care tax,
generating $334 million for the Oregon Health Plan and the
Oregon Reinsurance Program, which helps stabilize insurance
rates for individuals who buy coverage through the private market

To provide the rest of the needed funding, Governor Brown has proposed a $2-per-pack increase in the cigarette tax, a tax on e-cigarettes, and the creation of an assessment on employers that do not provide affordable coverage to their workers.

“Securing this funding package will ensure Oregonians continue to get the health care coverage they need to thrive and will enable a balanced budget for the Oregon Health Plan for the next six years,” Governor Brown said.

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