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Salem, OR—You can get your very own copy of the Blue Book three different ways. You can purchased one at the gift shop inside the Oregon state Capitol Building, in bookstores around the state, or buy online.

The cost is $18 paperback; $30 hardback.

Ever since 1911, the Oregon Blue Book has been providing readers with important and fascinating facts about Oregon. Want to learn about Oregon history? See the Blue Book. You’re a government and elections nerd? See the Blue Book. Interested in Oregon tribal cultures? See the Blue Book. The outdoors is your thing? You must see the Blue Book! Arts and sciences are your bag? Put a Blue Book in one and carry it home. In short, Oregon’s Blue Book is the official almanac and fact repository for our state.

Each Blue Book has a different theme that highlights Oregon as a unique and fascinating place to live and visit. The 2019-2020 edition spotlights the many local festivals and fairs that celebrate everything from Portland roses to McMinnville UFOs. These exciting and diverse celebrations reveal the true character of Oregon; basically, what makes us tick. This roadmap to fun and education is a must have for every Oregonian and every visitor.

The Blue Book was printed as a limited edition with only 1,500 available for sale, so get yours now before it joins the other 54 previous editions as a state icon and collector’s item.

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