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Salem, OR—Secretary of State Beverly Clarno today released a report revealing that the Oregon Department of Education has fully or partially implemented only seven of 13 recommendations to improve Oregon’s near worst in the nation high school graduation rate. The recommendations were made in a 2017 audit overseen by former Secretary of State Dennis Richardson.

“While Oregon has seen a small increase in the high school graduation rate each of the past two years, we remain near the bottom of the national rankings,” said Secretary Clarno. “A student correctly answering slightly over 50% of the answers on a test would not be a passing grade, and fully or partially implementing slightly over 50% of these recommendations should also not be considered a passing grade.”

The report concluded that the ODE had made no progress toward implementing the following six recommendations: better serving students who change districts and schools; recommending initiatives and performance measures that focus on middle schools; supporting coordination between middle and high schools, helping districts better use improvement tools, and collecting and analyzing student grade and credit attainment data.

“Improving Oregon’s graduation rate must be a high priority for all of us,” said Secretary Clarno. “This report makes clear that there is still much more that needs to be done to ensure the success of all Oregon students.”

The full report can be found on the Secretary of State’s website:

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